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It’s a sanctuary-like and relaxing place for adults of both genders who value high aesthetic quality to come back and forth.

At SUGARSALT, We have a long line up of services that are kind to your hair and scalp.
There are organic color, henna, damage-less hair relaxing, perm, and color.
You will get tailor-made service based on the condition of your hair, waves and your ideal hair style.
Our popular treatment (Little scientist) contains various chemicals and repairs the inside of your hair. We also use nano-steam, which gives nutrients to the core of your hair.

We offer various hairstyles not only for ladies, but also for men. Most of our customers are in their late 20s to 50s. We are popular with both female and male adults.

The reason for our diverse base comes down to our courteous counseling sessions. The counseling makes it possible for us to propose personalized hairstyles that maximize the customer’s charm with minimum damage to their hair.

The shop looks like a comfortable cafe. Even new customers can feel relaxed in the store.

Number of seats 4 seats
Number of stylists 3 stylists
Address 201 Estate Shinsaibashi 4-13-8 Minamisenba, Chuo ward, Osaka city, Osaka
Access Go out from the north Exit 12 of Crysta Nagahori and go to the north. Go past Vivian Westwood with it on your right. Keep on go
Opening Hours Weekdays/ Saturdays :11 am ~9 pm   holidays :11 am ~7 pm
Regular closing day Every Monday/ the third Sunday
Available Credit cards VISA、JCB、AMEX
Parking lot
Shop website http://www.sugar-salt-hair.com/index.html
Comments from the store We would like to make everyone's hair more beautiful☆

Our aim is to create your ideal hairstyle without any damaging your hair or your scalp.

We would like to make a hairstyle that not only makes you look pretty or cute, but also charges your energy.










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    Service request
    Service request Agency booking service *OsakaAgency booking service *Other than OsakaBeauty salon attendance - Short course (From pick-up point until the end of counseling session at your salon) *OsakaBeauty salon attendance - Short course (From pick-up point until the end of counseling session at your salon) *Other than OsakaBeauty salon attendance - Long course (From pick-up point - throughout the services at your salon - to drop-off point) *OsakaBeauty salon attendance - Long course (From pick-up point - throughout the services at your salon - to drop-off point) *Other than Osaka

    *Please contact us by email if you would like to book for a group.

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    Transportation to the hair salon
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    By train By train You pay your ticket only
    By taxi By taxi You pay the whole fee

    Requests and inquiries
    Cancelation fee rate
    More than 11 days before the booking 20 % of the booking fee
    Up to 10 days before the booking 40% of the booking fee
    Up to 7 days before the booking 60% of the booking fee
    Up to 3 days before the booking 100% of the booking fee
    Cancelation without notice 100% of the booking fee

    • 1. Please write down all the necessary information in the form and send it by email.
    • 2. Please write down if you have any company. The accompanying person also has to send a separate booking form.
    • 3. We will get back to you via email or phone as soon as we receive your booking form.
    • 4. You can contact us about your booking from 10 am to 6 pm. Monday through Friday.
      Booking is confirmed after the schedule is set and the payment is made.
    • 5. Please note that you need to pay for your transportation.
    • 6. You cannot change, cancel or wait for cancelation using by the booking form.

    • Email : info@premiumsalon100.com
    • TEL : 06-6360-4823
    • LINE ID(English) kps100
    • WeChat ID(English) kansaipremium1

    Please check all the above information and proceed to the confirmation page.