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What is “Kansai international beauty salon net”?

A wave of the globalization flocks in the field of the service industry in Japan.

The environment of the service industry becomes borderlessness more and more. Therefore we perform matching of beauty salon with the tourist from the foreign countries through portal site of the internet "KANSAI INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY SALON NET"

The industry of beauty salon in JAPAN might not come in contact with the tourist from the foreign countries in words and the custom being different very much. We remove words and the wall of the custom by dispatching an interpreter specializing in beauty service.

Kansai area and the Asian countries ties are close socially and geographically. We will be happy in future if we can help each Asian countries and fusion of the economy, culture, and society of the Kansai area.

February 29, 2016
HSJ Stars Corporation
Representative director
Ritsuko Dohi