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Lute is always thinking a great deal of the [design]. And we are thinking about DESIGN like this.

We are sure to exceed the customers’ expectations, paying attention to each customer’s excess and deficiency
We provide Simple, bold and delicate Standard hair styles. We always emphasize the charm of the individual, and drift the casual essence of the trend, adding our unique value.
Not only the visible parts like shape and colour , we will provide a hair design to maximize the charm of the person from the invisible parts like nuance, atmosphere, and mood .
Looking ahead, we are keeping on pursuing the “essence of the salon”, improving the value of the hair designs and the possibilities born from there, and creating a space who can enjoy the design sevices.

Name(Category) Lute
Number of seats 6 seats
Number of stylists 3 stylists
Address Chuo-ku, Osaka Minamisenba 3-2-6 Osaka Agriculture, Forestry Hall 407A
Access Go out from the [Shinsaibashi Subway Station] north ticket gate exit,go toward the north (to Honcho)in the Shinsaibashi shopping district. Go toward to the north at the second corner, turn right at the Family Mart which is at right corner. Keep going while watching the South Kindergarten on your left side, cross the traffic lights then you can find Osaka Agriculture,Forestry Hall on the left side. The entrance is west side entrance. Use the elevator to go to the fourth floor.
Opening Hours Tue-Thu 11:00~p.cl-19:00 | cut-19:30 Fri 11:00~p.cl-19:30 | cut-20:00 Sat 10:
Regular closing day ・Monday ・The 3rd Tuesday
Available Credit cards available for every kind
Parking lot Coin parking nearby
Shop website http://www.lutelier.com/lute/
Comments from the store Our workspace.
Built more than 80yeas ago, the building has historical value. The no-waste simple salon in this building let you feel the industrial touch. It provides us the space where we can focus on the design and we are paying attention to create the hair salon where the customers can relax.




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    Up to 7 days before the booking 60% of the booking fee
    Up to 3 days before the booking 100% of the booking fee
    Cancelation without notice 100% of the booking fee

    • 1. Please write down all the necessary information in the form and send it by email.
    • 2. Please write down if you have any company. The accompanying person also has to send a separate booking form.
    • 3. We will get back to you via email or phone as soon as we receive your booking form.
    • 4. You can contact us about your booking from 10 am to 6 pm. Monday through Friday.
      Booking is confirmed after the schedule is set and the payment is made.
    • 5. Please note that you need to pay for your transportation.
    • 6. You cannot change, cancel or wait for cancelation using by the booking form.

    • Email : info@premiumsalon100.com
    • TEL : 06-6360-4823
    • LINE ID(English) kps100
    • WeChat ID(English) kansaipremium1

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