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Privacy policy

Our website "Kansai Premium Salon 100" (we will refer to it as our website) is run by HSJ Stars Corporation (we will refer to it as we). We retain your personal information based on Privacy Protection Laws. Please note that users of our service are considered to have agreed to the below privacy policy written below.

1. Definition of personal information
Personal information refers to all the information that identifies the user such as his/her name, address and phone number. This also includes information that doesn't identify the user on its own, but can track down the user by collating information from other information sources.
2. Acquisition of personal information and its utilization purposes
Our acquisition of personal information and its utilization purposes are written as below.

Information disclosure, given the agreement of the user when answering to the business on the website.
Personal verification of services that requires the user's identification.
Notification e-mails to the user.
Investigation on the user's usage situation and environment.
3. Disclosure of information to third party
We never use or provide the user's personal information to third party without his/her consent. We disclose the information after identification of the agent and the content of the information and also consent of the user. There is no such case that we ask for the user's credit card number. We do not delegate the control of the user's information to other sectors. However, there are some cases we disclose the user's personal information without his/her consent within the related laws and regulations under the below circumstances.

When the user personally asks to disclose or provide their information to third party.

When the user decides that their information causes disadvantage to third party.

When it is imperative to disclose the personal information for public health, sound development of children, impending danger of human life, physical body or property or some urgent need under a circumstance where it's difficult to contact the user to get his/her consent.

When we need to assist the people from a government organization, or a local government organization to exercise their duty.

When a court, Public Prosecutor's Office, the police, Bar Association, consumer affairs bureau or a similar organizations makes inquiries based on laws.

When laws and regulations allow disclosure or provision.

When we make rational judgment and decide that it is necessary to provide the service to the user.
4. Disclaimer regarding personal information
Under the below circumstances we take no responsibility of the third party acquiring personal information.

When the user him/herself reveals their personal information to a particular organization.

When the third party identifies the user by the information that the user him/herself or other users have provided.

When other people beside the user acquires information that can identify the user.

When the user provides his/her personal information to other websites that have their links on our website.
5. Edit and deletion of personal information
The information the user registers can be edited or deleted by the user at any given time.

2 February, 2016
HSJ stars corporation Association of Kansai Premium Salon 100